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Tarnetar Charisma

The Tarnetar Mela covers a large part of the Tarnetar village with a huge number of stalls put up selling beautiful local handicrafts unavailable elsewhere along with ethnic jewellerys, statues of deities and traditional mirror work attires. The merry-go-round rides, photographers stall, magic shows, tatoowalas attract people of age to joyously celebrate the festival. Folk music and folk dances like Hudo, Ras and Garba played by the Kodi and Maldhari dancers is the major attraction of the fair.

Tribal folks dressed in their typical, embroidered garments, perfectly dance to the tune of the drumbeats, which further raises the spirit of the religious fair. Men and women sway to the soul stirring rhythms of the folk music depicting a glimpse of the rich Saurashtra culture.

The accumulation of Sadhus, Bhajan Mandali's, Local tribes and sale of extraordinary handicrafts make it an interesting place to visit and witness the festivities involved. Inspite of the numerous changes in the traditions followed at the fair over the years, the spirit of devotion and dedication yet remains unchanged.