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Sculpture Depths

The Trinetreshwar temple is profusely sculpted with exquisite designs and figures of deities fired by an astonishing degrees of skill tapped on the stone of the temple.

Lord Shiva - the reigning deity is visited by thousands of visitors who come to Tarnetar to seek his holy blessings. The temple is still magnificent not in terms of gold and offerings but in terms of its sculptural wealth and religious significance.

One cannot help to take pleasure of looking at the great sculptural exuberance and renowned architectural creation. 33 deities have been carved on the temple walls exemplifying perfect execution and sublime expressions.

The Tarnetar temple is surrounded by three Kunds : the Vishnu Kund, the Bhrahma Kund and the Shiv Kund - south of which a cellar is built. The temple was later reconstructed without changing its architectural beauty by the King of Lakthar - 'Karansinghji' in memory of his son.