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Dhwaja Procession

Beginning of the Tarnetar Fair Dhwaja Arohan and Procession :

The Tarnetar Fair is initiated with the hoisting of a huge Flag on the dome of the Trinetreshwar Temple. The flag is hoisted every year only by the Mahant of Paliyad, a small village near Tarnetar.

This tradition has been followed ever since Mahant Visaman Bapu who was born in Paliyad started the ‘Sadavrat’ at Paliyad and hoisted the first flag at the Tarnetar Temple.

On Bhadarva Sud 4 (Ganesh Chaturthi) the flag is carried in a procession headed by the Mahant from the office of Tourism of Gujarat to the Trineteshwar Temple. It is then unfurled to symbolize the commencement of the colourful festival.

Ethically dressed folks from the near by villages participate in this procession. Traditionally decorated Bullock carts and Horse carts are the major attraction of this traditional and exuberant procession.

The entire expense of the procession is borne by Paliyad’s Mahant who distributes prizes to the best decorated cart and cart owners.

Dhwaja Procession