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Celebration of Life


Gujarat - a land of exuberant celebrations. The state has its unique festivities interspersed with a variety of traditions and religious rituals followed by people belonging to various tribes. Every religion has a festival to celebrate.

The variety of folk dances and songs lend vivid splashes of colour and music to the atmosphere that is already charged with excitement and flavored with a meaningful identity.

The Tarnetar Fair is one such festival held at the Tarnetar village. This small and otherwise calm village is situated in the 'Panchal' region of Gujarat. The Tarnetar fair is an annual festival denoting colour, vivacity, ebullience, prayers and rituals.

The annual fair commences every year during the Bhadarva Sud - 4th, 5th and 6th (Aug.-Sept) The tradition of this religious festival is believed to have begun before 200-250 years. Shri Mayashankar Zuza Pandya has written a book on the Tarnetar Festival describing the fair before 107 years.