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Rural Olympics

Rural Olympics : The Tarnetar Fair is known for its various dance and sports competition competitions. The competitions include the Horse cart race, Bullock Cart race and Camel race apart from Cultural competitions like Rass Competition, Doha (poem recitation) competition and a lot more.

To encourage the folks participating in the occasion, the State Government has decided to organize a Sports Event in which various sports competitions will be organized for men, women and children.
Attractive prizes will be distributed by the honorable chief guests present at the fair.

Doha (Poem Recitation)
Bullock Cart Race
Rass Competition
Horse Cart Race

Tarnetar Rural Olympics - 2019
Download / View below table in Gujarati (PDF)
Competition Date 01-09-2019
Game for Boys and Girls below 12 and 16 years
1 Race (100m.)
2 Race (200m.)
3 Race (800m.)
4 Long jump
5 Rope skipping
6 Race (3000m.)
7 Langddi
Open section for boys and girls
1 Race (100m.)
2 Race (400m.)
3 Race (800m.)
4 Long jump
5 Throw spheres
6 Race (1500m.)
7 Relay Race
Competition Date 02-09-2019
Open section for boys and girls
1 Throwing coconut (Boys)
2 Nargol (Boys)
3 Strong Man (Boys)
4 Competition of eating sugar ladva (Boys)
5 Volleyball
6 Kabadi
7 Wrestling (Boys)
8 Rassakhencha (Boys)
9 Archery (Boys)
Competition Date 03-09-2019
Open section for boys and girls
1 Potted Race (Girls)
2 Slow cycling (Boys)
3 Rassakhencha (Final for boys)